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FOB TENNESSEE WOOT225437; Qty 6830; Retail $100992; Cost $18178; Health & Beauty, Office Products, Home Improvement, Housewares & Kitchen

What Are FC Loads?

Amazon fulfillment centers are distribution facilities for 3rd party products, including is a flash-sale site, offering trendy items being heavily promoted by the manufacturer for a limited time. If, however, something isn't pristine about the product like box-damage, improper packaging or tagging, or the item is lost in inventory and later found, Amazon will pull the item and put it on an FC truckload. There is usually a small number of online returns included in these loads, typically amounting to less than 10% of the load. Consequently, FC loads tend to have lower loss rates than regular online returns. Most of what you usually deal with is box-damage and repackaging issues. Also, if all of the items haven't sold by the end of the promotional period, they are pulled from sale and liquidated.

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