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These are some of the most popular loads in the liquidation industry because they are heavy in box damage, lost in inventory, and mistagged items.  Much of these loads will be in new & like-new condition and these truckloads have lower loss rates than traditional returns.  Mostly what you're dealing with is package damage, where the item itself is undamaged but the packing is less than pristine so Amazon can't sell it as "new."  A little bit of repackaging and you're ready to go.

Fulfillment Centers are set up by the size of the item, not the department.  Consequently, you get loads with either small, medium, or bulk size items with items across all categories.  

Typical Cost:  Smalls 12-15%; Mediums 18-24%; Bulk 25%+
Typical Retail Value:  
Typical Load Size:  
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