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Kohls Truckloads - $17516

Returns - Shelf Pulls - Clearance

FOB North Carolina

KL237499; Pallets 26; Qty 3608; Wholesale $77476; Cost $18594 Heavy in Apparel & Shoes, Housewares, Domestics, Denim

FOB Maryland

KL237500; Pallets 30; Qty 3017; Wholesale $72986; Cost $17516 Heavy in Housewares, Apparel & Shoes, and Domestics

Kohls Mixed Loads have a variety of categories from Kohls Department Stores including Apparel, Domestics, Housewares, Shoes, Toys, Seasonal, Outwear, Nike, Denim, Health & Beauty, Baby Products, and more

Lots of name brand items from Keurig, Emeril, Powerbeats Pro, Vornado, LEGO, Nike, Haggar, Laura Ashley, Beats, Foodsaver, and more

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