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Amazon FC Mediums $8577



AZF225642; Qty 2243; Retail $81174; Cost $17858

Heavy in Housewares & Kitchen, Home Improvement, Toys

AZF225643; Qty 790; Retail $34308; Cost $8577

Heavy in Groceries, Housewares & Kitchen, Home Improvement

AZF225644; Qty 3865; Retail $83488; Cost $10018

Heavy in Health & Beauty, Groceries

AZF225645; Qty 1436; Retail $83643; Cost $18401

Heavy in Housewares & Kitchen, Lawn & Garden, Home Improvement, Sporting Goods

AZF225646; Qty 2601; Retail $105375; Cost $23182

Heavy in Lawn & Garden, Housewares & Kitchen, Toys, Home Improvement

What Are FC Loads?

Amazon fulfillment centers are distribution facilities for 3rd party products. If "Bob's Widgets" wants to sell their widgets on Amazon, they send them to an FC, where Amazon will ship the widget to the customer when it sells. If, however, something isn't pristine about the product like box-damage, improper packaging or tagging, or the item is lost in inventory and later found, Amazon will pull the item and put it on an FC truckload. There is usually a small number of online returns included in these loads, typically amounting to less than 10% of the load. Consequently, FC loads tend to have lower loss rates than regular online returns. Most of what you usually deal with is box-damage and repackaging issues.

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