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FOB INDIANA TCOM225127; Qty 1348; Appx Retail $53469; Cost $14971 TCOM225128; Qty 1612; Appx Retail $47346; Cost $13256 TCOM225129; Qty 1978; Appx Retail $54617; Cost $15292

Target handles their returns better than almost anyone in retail, leading to some of the nicest customer return loads in the secondary market. Loss rates are historically low on these and categories are mixed on most loads and can include Housewares, Sporting Goods, Furniture, Baby, Domestics, Toys, Small Electronics, Home Decor, and more.

Truckloads, Liquidation, Pallets, Salvage, General Merchandise, Online Returns, Overstock, Closeouts, Domestics, Health & Beauty, HBA, Groceries, Housewares, Home Improvement, Hardware, Tools, Apparel, Electronics, Ohio, Baby, GM, Furniture, Sporting Goods, Personal Computers, Automotive, Kitchen, Lawn & Garden, Mobile Electronics, Office Supplies, Personal Care Appliances

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