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Target GM MOS - $23912

MOS - Shelf Pulls - Warehouse Damage - Partial Case Packs

FOB Indiana

TRG237460; Qty 15860; Retail $119563; Cost $23912

TRG237461; Qty 13024; Retail $126964; Cost $25392

What Are MOS Loads?

MOS (Merchandise Off Shelf or Marked Out of Stock) is high-grade merchandise no longer for sale in Target stores. The loads are made up of shelf pulls, back stock, opened case packs, and overstock to be liquidated. Loss rates are typically very low. Target MOS loads have higher counts per SKU that many other loads, making them perfect for retail and online retail. Higher counts per SKU makes it easy to set up a display in your store or one online listing for multiple products instead of multiple listings for single products.

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