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Home Depot Turbo Texas - $14k

Online Returns - Box Damage - Undeliverables
Perfect for Retail, Bin-Store, & Online Operations

FOB Texas
HDTURBO24TX - Your Cost: $14000
Pallets 20+; Appx Retail $60k+

Loads Available Weekly!
Direct Shipped - We Won't Touch It


These loads are unmanifested. Once manifested, these typically sell on the wholesale market for $15k+, in the 20-25% range. Get the loads before they are manifested, processed, and picked for high-value items and save on % rates.

Categories Include but are not limited to: Lighting/Electrical, Flooring, Blinds/Window, Bathroom Fixtures, Seasonal/Outdoor Seasonal, Indoor Furniture, Plumbing, Lawn & Garden, General Home Improvement Merchandise

Turbo inventory is comprised of a high variety of SKUs. It includes unscannable returns, overstock, or dotcom inventory. Inventory could be out of its original packaging or custom ordered. In some cases, the product has been retired or was not originally Home Depot inventory.

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(877) 862-6933 (UNBOXED)

Remember, most of what we sell never even makes it to email.
If you are looking for something you're not seeing, let us know and we'll get it for you!


Have the best day ever!

C.C. Snyder

(419) 575-9483 cell

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