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Amazon Mystery Box Smalls - $20k

Online Returns - Box Damage - Undeliverables

Perfect for Retail, Bin-Store, & Online Operations

FOB Tennessee

AZR236776; Appx Qty 22-25k; Appx Retail $250-280k; Cost $20000 Typically Heaviest in Housewares & Kitchen, Toys, PCs & Electronics, Home Improvement, Health & Beauty These loads are unmanifested (hence the name). Once manifested, these typically sell on the wholesale market for $25+, in the 10-12% range. Get the loads before they are manifested, processed, and picked for high-value items and save on % rates.

Loads Available Regularly!

What Are Online Returns?

Online returns happen for a variety of reasons. Frequently, they are the result of buyer's remorse, which is what happens when someone orders something and then changes their mind about the purchase (no longer wants to spend the money, doesn't need it, color didn't match the website, thought it would be bigger, wrong size, etc). These items are effectively new and may have minor package damage from being opened. Some items may suffer package damage during shipping and are returned. Some items aren't deliverable to the mailing address and are returned to Amazon. And still other items are true returns due to damage, item malfunction, operator error, missing pieces, manufacturing flaws, etc. Loss rates on these loads are typically low and they are cleaner than store returns.

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