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Amazon LPN Mediums $23270

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

Online Returns - Undeliverables - Box Damage


AZR224877OH; Qty 2612; Appx Retail $116351; Cost $23270

Very Heavy in Sporting Goods & Weights

If you're doing internet sales, this might be a good load for you. Several sets of weights selling on Amazon for higher than the list price are included in this load with high quantity SKUs.

Truckloads, Liquidation, Pallets, Salvage, General Merchandise, Online Returns, Overstock, Closeouts, Domestics, Health & Beauty, HBA, Groceries, Housewares, Home Improvement, Hardware, Tools, Apparel, Electronics, Ohio, Baby, GM, Furniture, Sporting Goods, Personal Computers, Automotive, Kitchen, Lawn & Garden, Mobile Electronics, Office Supplies, Personal Care Appliances

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